Citation XLS

Citation XLS Jet Exterior
Citation XLS Jet Interior


8 Passengers

87 Baggage Capacity

429 Airspeed

1539 Range

5.6 Cabin Width

5.7 Cabin Height

18.7 Cabin Length

Full Lavatory Style

Luxury Business Jet Charter

The Cessna Citation XLS is a popular choice for private jet charters across the country. This midsize corporate jet charter seats 8 or 9 passengers comfortably, depending on configuration, in its 18.7 foot long cabin. The cabin is a convenient 5.7 feet high.

Top Private Jet Charter

This luxurious corporate jet charter can climb to cruising altitude in just 18 minutes and can climb to its flight level of 43,000 feet in just twenty-five minutes. The Citation XLS can cruise at 429 ktas, making it a seamless flight on a premier business jet charter. Additionally, the Citation XLS has the shortest takeoff distance of any midsize jet at 3,500 feet.

Premier Corporate Jet Charter

This superior business jet charter features a baggage capacity of 87 cubic feet and a full style lavatory all for the comfort and convenience of its elite passengers. This first-class aircraft combines transcontinental range with a remarkably efficient performance. You can charter the Citation XLS, an exceptional private jet charter, from JetOptions.

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