Turbo Props

Propeller aircraft powered by a jet engine. Turboprops have a pressurized but small cabin for between 4 and 7 passengers (there are turboprops with higher capacity), and mostly without a stand-up cabin. Range limitations and relatively high cabin noise make turboprops better for the use of flight legs of up to 2 hours. Although turboprop aircraft generate a lower speed than jet equivalents, they are more economical due to greater fuel efficiency and offer more access to smaller airports with limited runways due to their short take-off and landing distance capabilities. A turboprop engine will power the same size cabin over the same distance for less fuel than a jet and at a lower speed. Turboprop hourly charter rates start at around $1,700.00.

C208 Grand Caravan

Capacity: 9-12 passengers
Airspeed: 224
Range: 831

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King Air 200

Capacity: 8 passengers
Airspeed: 289
Range: 1885

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King Air 350

Capacity: 6-10 passengers
Airspeed: 315
Range: 1,440

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King Air 90

Capacity: 6 passengers
Airspeed: 247
Range: 1280

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Piaggio Avanti P180

Capacity: 6 passengers
Airspeed: 462
Range: 752

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Pilatus PC-12

Capacity: 9 passengers
Airspeed: 328
Range: 1,340

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