Mid Jets, Midsize Cabin Jets

Mid-Size Jets are designed to comfortably accommodate six to eight passengers. With a smaller galley and less baggage space than super mid jets, they are ideal for trips within the contiguous states.  Mid-Cabin Jets are perfect for your next city pair trip, or to fly between states nonstop. Select aircraft available from Citation, Legacy, G150, Learjet, and Hawker.

Mid-Jet Flight Ranges and Rental Rates

All Midsize Cabin Jets include an enclosed lavatory and generally have a small galley. They also feature a more comfortable interior arrangement and a taller cabin than the small cabin jet. With a maximum flight range of up to five hours air time, or 2,200 miles in optimal conditions you can arrive at more than 5000 general aviation airports. These planes typically do not include a flight attendant. Mid Jets hourly charter rates start at around $2,900.00.

Citation Excel

Capacity: 8 passengers
Airspeed: 480
Range: 1449

View the Citation Excel

Citation III

Capacity: 9 passengers
Airspeed: 543
Range: 2,054

View the Citation III

Citation VII

Capacity: 8 passengers
Airspeed: 476
Range: 1693

View the Citation VII

Citation XLS

Capacity: 8 passengers
Airspeed: 429
Range: 1539

View the Citation XLS

Falcon 20

Capacity: 9 passengers
Airspeed: 475
Range: 2510

View the Falcon 20

Gulfstream G100

Capacity: 8 passengers
Airspeed: 461
Range: 2550

View the Gulfstream G100

Gulfstream G150

Capacity: 7 passengers
Airspeed: 458
Range: 2760

View the Gulfstream G150

Hawker 800

Capacity: 8 passengers
Airspeed: 455
Range: 2390

View the Hawker 800

Hawker 800XP

Capacity: 8 passengers
Airspeed: 514
Range: 2,840

View the Hawker 800XP

Hawker 850XP

Capacity: 8 passengers
Airspeed: 461
Range: 2733

View the Hawker 850XP

Hawker 900XP

Capacity: 9 passengers
Airspeed: 452
Range: 2,733

View the Hawker 900XP

Learjet 45XR

Capacity: 8 passengers
Airspeed: 535
Range: 1,685

View the Learjet 45XR

Learjet 55

Capacity: 7 passengers
Airspeed: 455
Range: 2000

View the Learjet 55

Learjet 60

Capacity: 7 passengers
Airspeed: 535
Range: 2,134

View the Learjet 60

Learjet 60XR

Capacity: 7 passengers
Airspeed: 465
Range: 2044

View the Learjet 60XR